Stories Help You Live Your Best Life | Daily Inspired Life |

Stories Help You Live Your Best Life | Daily Inspired Life

In this video I share some of the ways stories can help you live your best life

Your best possible life will emerge, only after you know exactly how you want to live.  

Delving into past, present and future stories -  your stories and the stories of others, can guide you in your quest to design a life you love.  A life designed by you, for you.

The way we share stories can help us change the way we think. Change the way you think and feel about circumstances that have held you back in the past and you’ll start to see real shifts in your present life.

When we're facing a shift in life, when we are reaching out for something new; it's in those times of change that we can draw upon the courage of others. We draw from their experience and the stories they have shared. They give us strength to accept that there will be ‘down-days’ on our journey. They also give us hope that we will come through and rise-up to continue. Then, we too share our story to encourage others who are perhaps a little behind us on their own journey.

You’ll be able to identify what it is that you really want.

Stories help bring you clarity because you're viewing life from different perspectives. It’s like having multiple cameras. Each story is like a different camera showing you a different perspective. By looking at your life through these different lenses, you get a vivid view of exactly how you want to live. When you know exactly how you want to live your life then that's the first step to getting it.

That's when you can start creating your own inspired life. And even though we face challenges and difficulties along the way, there’s a joy that we receive and there's a peace there that we're living the best life that we possibly can. 

Here's some stories and narrative exercises so you can begin to feel the power of story in your own life ... 

I threaded my fingers through John’s and glanced across the waters.  We were taking our early evening walk along the shoreline.  The

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Award winning  photographer, Susan Greeff, shares a heart-warming story about a Surma boy who teaches her a powerful lesson about what's really

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“Sailing The World … I have never felt a peace like I do when I’m in motion, when the wind is lashing

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There is no doubt that living in India is a lot different than visiting India... Many things get unnoticed when you are

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