From Skipping School to PhD | A Village Boy’s Remarkable Journey | by Dr Parashram Patil Inspiring Story #106

From Skipping School to PhD | A Village Boy’s Remarkable Journey | by Dr Parashram Patil Inspiring Story #106

Photograph by Mohd Aram, Unsplash

Inspirational story about an ordinary village boy from India, who grew up on a cashew farm.  His parents were illiterate, he'd skip school, and there was little hope for his future ...

Until one day something unimaginable happened (almost a miracle), that changed his whole life around.  He ended up with a PhD and his research on cashew farming and agriculture receives global recognition.  

I was the village bad boy in Gudewadi, Western Maharashtra, India. At least I was labelled that way because I had no interest in school or studies.   I used bad language, hung around with other ‘bad’ boys, skipping school and running through the fields.   When I wasn’t playing, I’d help my parents on our cashew farm.  

Our cashew farm was like a big forest garden.  When a cashew apple fully ripens, it turns sticky and juicy.  The fragrance is a mild cross between an overripe banana and jackfruit.  The air is scented by cashew fruit and if you follow your nose, it will eventually lead you to a tree heavy with fruit.  At the end of each day, I’d sit with my grandmother. Together we’d talk and roast cashew kernels over the fire.   She’d give me a few raw cashew-nuts which I sold at local stores to make some money.  I’d spend the money on eatables like lemon flavoured chocolates, Parle-G biscuits  which I took with tea, Mango flavoured frooti, Pepsi, and  famous brand chocolates like Kitkat .

Who’d want to go to school anyway?  No one thought I would do anything worthwhile with my life.  And I’d heard many people in our village talking, “Why bother going to school? These kids end up back on the farms anyway.  He’ll never amount to anything.”

My mother visualized a different future.  She was illiterate and knew the value of education to create a better life.  When I refused to go to school, she beat me until I dressed and put on my shoes. She’d follow me right up to the door of the classroom and watch me enter.

This bad boy image troubled me.  I didn’t believe I was a bad boy, and I didn’t want to be a bad boy.  These thoughts stayed buzzing in my mind.  They were always with me, like mosquito bugs buzzing around our cashew apples. By the time I entered 12th standard, I took a good look at myself and realized the life I was creating …

My parents and teachers were disappointed with my average marks,
I was not having any money,
no one in the village gave me respect.

These realizations forced me to acknowledge that my mother was right - education was my only way out.  I worked hard to finish my graduation in commerce.  After I passed, I decided to apply for higher studies in University.  But this village bad boy faced too many challenges.

Firstly, I had very limited money and due to the costs involved, my parents didn’t want me to leave the village to stay in the city to study.   In addition to that, my grades were poor.  There was very little chance I’d gain admission to university.  Still, I took a chance and applied.  Days went by and nothing.  I checked to see if my name was registered for admissions.  No.  I wasn’t admitted. Weeks went by. I continued to check.  Still nothing.  It looked like I would never lose my village bad boy image.    Until a miracle happened ... 

“It looked like I would never lose my village bad boy image. Until a miracle happened ... "

A miracle happened.

One last time, on the last day of admissions, I visited the university to check my status.  Maybe, just maybe I’d been admitted.   I looked down the list, and there it was, “Parashram J. Patil”  Finally I’d been admitted.  Now, I had to come up with my fees to secure my place – and I only had that day to pay.  

I was not having sufficient money.  Neither did I know anyone in that new city.  There was no way I could pay the admission fees.   I flopped down on the seat outside the department head cabin.  Head held in my hands, I contained my tears, devasted that my dreams of a higher education would finish there.  Perhaps my teachers and whole village were right. “I wouldn’t amount to anything.” 

One of the office boys saw me sitting there sad.  He stopped and asked, “What is wrong?  Are you sick?  What is the problem?”   I told him everything.  He told me to go into the office and meet the head of the department and explain my situation.

Hands sweating, legs shaking, I nervously entered Dr VS Patil’s office and sat down.   

“What village did you say you were from?”  Dr Patil asked.

“I’m coming from Gudewadi Village Sir.”  I hoped he wouldn’t ask too much about my village.  I was still trying to shake that bad boy image.

As soon as he heard the name of my village, Dr Patil stood up and called his officials and paid my admission fees. He explained he was also from the same region.  He knew the difficulties I would have faced to reach this stage.   My entry to Shivaji University, Kolhapur was a miracle for me. From here onwards things changed.

University was an ocean of new people, new thoughts, new life, everyone had a purpose, everyone had life goals.  Being in that atmosphere forced me to think bigger and I decided to pursue a Ph.D.    Initially no one was ready to accept me as a Ph.D student, however with determination and after repeated requests,  Prof. Dr. S.S.Mahajan admitted me as his first Ph.D student.

There’s a saying, “Learn to build your house with the bricks others have thrown at you”.  For my PhD, I chose the cashew-nut as my subject.   I saw and lived the hard work life of my illiterate mother and father. I recalled my time sitting with Grandma roasting cashew kernels.   Cashew farms provide the main source of income for the villagers, but cashew farmers face a lot of difficulties, their life is not easy.  I wanted to improve their life and find better solutions for production.   It was my destiny that the same cashew nut who was instrumental to my bad boy image, would provide me the opportunity to help my village. 

Now my research receives global recognition.  And even better than the global recognition, when I told my mother and father that I completed my PhD and later Post Doctorate, they were so happy.  When they saw my photos in the paper, they showed it to the entire village. It was a proud moment; their village bad boy had made good.

With hard work, perseverance, and a never give up spirit, pure intentions like our village farmers are the guiding lamp for all those who are from the small villages and would like to do something great in their life. I share my story to help others not give up on  their hopes, no matter what. Despite limited financial resources, the village orthodox mentality, the prevailing poor education system of villages, the agricultural bend, and the expectations to share the workload of family, I believe that knowledge is the only way out of this vicious cycle. 

I hope my story inspires you.  Never give up your hope.

Meet Dr. Parashram J. Patil

Dr. Parashram Patil is an agricultural and natural resources economist and social scientist. He is a well-known international expert in the field of agriculture and natural resources economics. He has earned Doctorate from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, (Agro based Industry of India) and Post Doctorate from Savitribhai Phule University, Pune (Natural Resources Accounting).

Dr Patil is NMML Fellow. He is presently working as consultant/expert at various international organizations like United Nations, Asian Development Bank and Government of India.

He has authored five books  on Indian Agricultural and Forest Economy.  And they are available on Amazon here.

Dr Parashram Patil has also created his YouTube channel on Agriculture Startups to inspire rural youth in farming with new opportunities. Find out more here:

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  • Evelyn says:

    No matter what status we are in life, courage and determination not to give up,make dreams in life come to pass. Hope light afire our inspirations.

  • Everything happens for a reason, and what has to happen will happen no matter how much or little we can help it. What’s important is never to give up and seize the opportunity when it presents itself! This is a wonderful success story!

  • What an inspiring story! I love the quote he mentions “Learn to build your house with the bricks others have thrown at you”. So true. He certainly did that.

  • Nishtha says:

    This is inspirational. So glad he had someone to back and support him. Yes never give up on your dreams

  • I am happy to hear that his family still believed in him even if the social stigmas were stacked against him. Good for him, and them to break the glass ceiling.

  • Diane says:

    What an inspirational heart-warming story. I’ve travelled to India a few times. I have friends who live in similar villages but in the foothills of the Himalayas. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Reshma Khandoo says:

    What a beautifully told inspiring story …
    My first thoughts were that although he was driven to prove the villagers wrong, I think his inspiration probably came from his family! They believed in him enough to make him believe in himself. That’s the power of love right there …

  • Arti says:

    Wow! So inspiring. You never know what are you capable of until you invest yourself in something.

  • Mary says:

    What an inspirational story. sometimes it just takes one person to believe in you. I’m so glad you found your path.

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